Entombed interview II from Qvadrivivm #5 (2008)

God Is Great Satan Is Super

Interview: Kuronen

Oh good, another Entombed anecdote.

As if you needed one.

Improvised, good t-shirt slogans are a rare breed in the metal industry, so much so that most bands should just settle with printing whatever lyric highlights they think they have instead of creating any new piece of embarrassing, breathless agitation brainstormed to set the juvenile aflame. “Religion Sickens Me”, right. “Reconquering the Throne”, mmhh. “Your God Is Dead”, “No Love No Hate No Faith No Memory”: slogans about as sweet as a decorative sleeve design or an outsized front image coloured to hell and back.
One of those fair exceptions is Entombed’s design from the Uprising era. Sporting the But Life Goes On demo skull and logo on front side, it has the text “God Is Great Satan Is Super” on the back. The combination is arousing: a good dose of absurd, whim-like daftness clashing with a message whose piety strikes a chord with anyone into religions. It doesn’t hurt that the b/w design is quite cool.

Which brings us to the question, asked perhaps the 19999999th time: Do Petrov & co. bring Lucifer home from work, that is to say, to what extent are they serious about all the Satan ranting in their lyrics? At least Alex has come out as a self-assigned Satanist somewhere along the road.

“You could see that on my telephone number at first,” bellows a laughing Lars Göran, whose number ends with the hallowed ‘666’. “When I get home, I don’t speak to my neighbours. I’m quite a loner. If I’m going to take my garbage out and there are people outside, I just wait. We’re shy of people. To go to the post office is like NAAAAH. It’s more that for me. If I don’t know someone, I don’t see the point of talking to them. I rather wait until they pass me by.

“That can be different to different people. There’s devil worshippers and those who want to hang an upside down cross on their neck. It’s better for me to be silent and work in the dark. Alex, nobody has any business with him. Mind yourself, that’s his idea, free-thinking and stuff like that.

“I think the God Is Great Satan Is Super shirt was a joined collaboration. We had a manager at the time. What managers are good for? When we said “God Is Great Satan Is Super” he said, “Oh no, that’s maybe too rough. Can we have God Is Cool Satan Is Cooler?”  We were like, what the hell is he talking about?! The managers’ input is not so valid. That’s why we don’t have any right now. That was so stupid, haha.

“People should wear that shirt in the presence of the Christian community so that we can be friends. Stick together. Work together. For the environment. The Muslims are welcome to join as well.”

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  1. The Muslims are welcome to join as well. So LG mean something like that?
    Yesterday I picked up The Solstice tower to read on my way to work and today I discovered your Q blog.