Entombed interview I from Qvadrivivm #5 (2008)

Green with Envy and Cellar-Rotten

Interview: Kuronen

There comes the moment in everyone’s life when the theme of envy has to be considered. For instance, do newbie members of canonical metal bands enjoy what they’ve been given or get secretly embittered over not playing on the respective bands’ classic recordings? I’m concerned, how does Steve Tucker feel right now? What about Derrick Green? Or that Skyclad singer? We all know that Jason Newsted is the only clear-headed ex-member of Metallica alive, just as we know the complexes Ralf Scheepers has amassed over not even making it into Judas Priest.

Whilst spending a couple of hours talking to Entombed vocalist Lars Göran Petrov about Nihilist, Entombed, Bajsligan and all the yesteryear events, it became obvious the singer didn’t really appreciate Nicke Andersson throwing him out of the band after Petrov’s alleged liaison with Nicke’s girlfriend. To boot, Orvar Säfström’s singing capabilities received a somewhat bleak review from the once-front man of Comecon, as did Johnny Dordevic’s. There is more to it than Petrov wanting to do a voiceover on Clandestine, as comes clear when we discuss the issue of Entombed discography & memorabilia.

“I would like to have the Crawl EP with my vocals on it!” roars Petrov. “Of course, it doesn’t exist. But the Crawl EP exists, and I want that one on vinyl because it’s a cool EP. I have the original Nihilist singles. I think there’s a label on them. I have them in my cellar because my apartment isn’t that big. I will have to check them out.

“We don’t have too much memorabilia. It’s mostly records and pins. We’ve got pens, like every lousy enterprise or firm. They’re really bad too! We’ve gotten a lot of fan made t-shirts. Some of them are pretty good. It’s cool when people do their own t-shirts, as long as they can show us. In Italy there are some damn good bootleg t-shirts too. I can understand it if they do it in Mexico where they don’t have that much money. It’s just good for the cause. There was somebody who did graffiti somewhere, maybe in Finland…? It was on our website, which is about to re-launch soon. I’ll check it on the office computer tomorrow.”

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