Futureal and Fucked Up

This is what it's come to. Aeons after the last sensible characters on earth found the idea of having a blog a vile neglect of people's time and perseverance, Qvadrivivm throws its precious penny into the pool of passive-aggressive self-promotion. You shouldn't worry much, though. The purpose of this blog is not to fill your days with pictures of us knitting away like there's no tomorrow, nor is it to lure you into downloading the worst demos in our collection (though it would be a darn tempting prospect to pester you with, say, Core Device's God & Man demo). No, the purpose of this blog is to merely build a pathway to the forthcoming Q issue Hell by providing stories from past volumes and, who knows, perhaps giving some hints of what's to come. Keeping you busy waiting instead of the usual forgetting.

The blog is built with a certain For Us by Us ideal. If you are, like us, one of those who really want to know everything about their weird favourite artists, you probably know how satisfying it is to discover an unexpected nugget of information about your idols and pet peeves by doing a random search on the Internet. If you're a sucker for stories both good and bad just as you are a sucker for metal and other sonic experiences of the darker variety, this might well be something for you.

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