Eye to Hand Corruption

Some people have the eye, some have the hand and others yet have the mind. Very few can coordinate the three like Leonardo or those Rats that design touchpads for Nokia phones. We're very glad to have received a collaborative nod of agreement from an illustrator who, to our understanding, excels all these dimensions. We'll not give away the identity of said visual artist yet because, after all, it's much nicer to keep an element of surprise to the proceedings. What we can say is that this illustrator has a distinct style that has not been used much in the field of music or fanzinery yet. Yet.

Whereas many have considered certain previous issues of Qvadrivivm to be marred by a dry and academic graphical approach, expect very little of the naïve minimalism to make it to the pages of Hell. If all goes according to plan, the issue will be as visually aggressive, cacophonous and dark as its prevalent thematics. To appreciate the outcome, you do have to understand that horse skulls, streams of eyes, golden moons and tulips of evil are Symbols that surpass their worldly templates. Nothing is quite what it seems at first sight, right?

Since the following issue will be quite the archive of texts, we're always searching for additional illustrators that could contribute with fitting imagery. Key qualities for the issue include: ability to work with the polars of black and white (no grayscale mildness, please), twisted crookery, individuality, heaviness as in drops-yer-eyelids-down-your-cheeks heaviness, roughness, and obedience to the lawless laws of chaos. If you have someone in mind who could work within these boundaries and have the fanzine ethics of not charging per hour for bestial goat commissions, do drop us a line in the comment section.

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